Back to School

It’s that time again! It is not a new year on the calendar. However, the return to school is a new academic year and signals a fresh start. A dozen years have passed since I prepared to meet returning students. Yet the idea of children going back to school still triggers excitement and anticipation in my mind and my heart!

Teachers have had a bit of rest. They have been inundated with curriculum training. They have been in more meetings than they care to recall. Most have already spent hours preparing and planning. All are readying classrooms and supplies. They want to provide enticing and inviting environments where students will be eager to learn.

Educators have made every effort to anticipate the challenges and needs of students in general for the grade level and subject matter they teach. They have reviewed the names on the class rosters that they have recently received. Teachers are thinking of the specific needs of each student on their list. They are already preparing in their minds and in their plans for ways to ensure the success for each child that will be in their care.

Incoming students are eager to return to friends and classmates. They will face expectations that will be a greater challenge than the year before. Many experience feelings of confidence and/or trepidation as they anticipate the beginning of a new school year. Depending on their summer, their previous memories, and the attitude of their parents, each will either grudgingly or willingly embrace the adventure that lies ahead.

Some have been fortunate to shop for new clothing and supplies. Even little ones begin to think about what they will wear on the first day back to school. For some, wardrobe choices are not always happy moments. They are contemplating the knowledge that daily food intake will now be consistently provided.

Parents who in June were relieved that the pressures, academic demands and tight schedules were over and could relax are eager to return to those same schedules and routines by September. They smile with pride as children, now a year older, begin another year.  They chat and reminisce with one another, perplexed by how quickly time passes and those children have grown. They eagerly await the evening meal and news of how the “first day” passed. When the evening concludes and children are asleep, they reflect upon their own back to school memories.

Yes, it is once again time to go back to school. So here is my wish to all the dedicated and harried educators, parents, and students embarking upon yet another academic adventure. May this be your best year ever and may you meet with every possible success!

Do you have a favorite “Back to School” memory that you would like to share? Please send it in! I would love to hear!