“Anyone facing relationship challenges and changes later in life would do well to absorb Two Minus One’s heart-wrenching, inspiring experiences, which hold lessons for all.” — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“There are times in life when we are presented with unforeseen challenges that feel so overwhelming, we just want to shut down and hide. In those moments we have a choice, to go towards the light or stay in the darkness. Kathryn shows us her deepest sadness, and her heroic struggle to get her life back. Her book shows how she recognized that there is life after grief and suffering,  and to remember that happiness is always a choice, one we DO have control of.” – Jennifer Pate Gilbert, founder of Save the Date® and author of I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag

“… Kathryn Taylor opens her heart and soul to take us on her journey of recovery. With resilience and grace, she reminds us that, no matter what life throws your way, you can reach down and bring up the courage to not only go on, but grow.”Vikki Stark, Author of Runaway Husbands: The Abandoned Wife’s Guide to Recovery and Renewal

“Taylor offers a poignant and well-crafted account of what it is like to be sixty-years-old, believing you are happily married one day, only to discover the next, having missed all of the clues, that you’ve been abandoned. This is certainly a story that demonstrates the powerful ways in which  – love is blind – . This is a human story, one of vulnerability, insight and resilience…highly recommended.” – Diane Pomerantz, PhD, author of Lost in the Reflecting Pool

“Taylor’s book is a gift to anyone who is divorced and feeling hopeless because she illustrates, through her own story of suffering, disillusionment and eventual triumph, that divorce is not the end. I highly recommend that anyone who is divorced and feeling alone in their fight to survive read Two Minus One to gain encouragement, clarity and hope.” – Lisa Duffy, Author, Speaker and Divorce Recovery Coach

“Two Minus One is a story of a woman who finally allows herself to love again, only to have everything taken from her by a man who becomes a stranger overnight. On these pages, Taylor captures the confusion, grief, and outrage that occur when one partner inexplicably walks away, and beautifully describes how she learns to stand on her own two feet. This is a powerful story of grace and resilience.” – Tammy Letherer, Author and Writing Coach