Book Blast Two Minus One: A Memoir

Six years ago, when my life was unexpectedly turned upside down, I took to my journal to sort through my feelings. I was in desperate need of understanding how I had gotten to the place where I found myself. I wondered how I could continue. I questioned where I belonged and how my future would unfold. I desperately wanted to heal.

I reflected on the pain, the process, the setbacks, and the triumphs of picking up the pieces of a life in shatters. I wondered if retired and in a place that felt isolated and where I felt alone, I would ever find peace. I wrote as I was living the pain and experiencing the unwanted termination of a marriage. I put all those thoughts together in a chronological order. I wrote and revised for months on end.

I was confident my journey was over when the divorce was finalized, and my concluding thoughts were on paper. However, with prompting, I sent my story to publishers. I was honored that Two Minus One: A Memoir was accepted for publication and released on November 6, 2018.

A six-month Book Tour followed the release. I spoke at twenty-four events and I was left dumbstruck by the support of readers and writers alike. I shared conversations with people who were willing to purchase my book and trust me with their personal stories of similar experiences. They were willing to share my story with others and invite me into their homes for discussions. They followed me on Social Media. They helped get my book in the hands of readers they were certain would be changed by its insights. Again, I was stunned and amazed by their backing.

I am now into a Book Blast $.99 price reduction on Two Minus One: A Memoir. The response is again overwhelming. Readers everywhere who enjoy digital access to books are buying, sharing, and scheduling Book Club appearances! I have even been asked to be a guest speaker at a local private school! I am once again awed by the support I continue to receive. I am astounded by the deep connection that readers are discovering in its pages. I am flattered that it is touching so many lives and connecting me to so many people.

I want to again take this opportunity to thank each one of my readers, supporters and event hosts. Thank you for supporting me through the pain, the process, and the blunders. Thank you for seeing me through the trials and tribulations. Thank you for believing – and for making me believe – that I would triumph! Thank you for your purchases during this “Book Blast” – and thank you for hurrying to make your purchases before it ends on May 13th!