Strength and Inspiration

There are so many times  in life when we are in search of strength and inspiration. We may be looking for a a new perspective or a bit of motivation to jump start our everyday routine. It may be that we are faced with sudden loss – as I was when I wrote Two Minus One: A Memoir – or an unexpected life change of another sort.

I always turn to books at these times. I have had great success finding the answers to my questions in books. They provide a great deal of comfort in my quest for peace and understanding at a given time.

There are two books that have held a prized spot on my bedside table for decades that always provide me with strength and inspiration.

The first book is Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea. It was originally released in 1955, yet it holds truths that continue to withstand the test of time. It may be that I identify so much with the book because Lindbergh’s insights are conveyed through the life of seashells that she finds on an individual stay at the ocean. Lindberg wrote the book for her own personal discovery and not for anyone else. It holds a universal and unchanging message to and for women in their journey of growth and development as we age and mature through various stages of life and commitment to others. I find myself returning to it again and again – indeed it is in my bag each year for my annual beach trip with my best friend, Robbie.The book provides familiar comfort and new insights for the ever-evolving moments of my life.

The second book that is always close by is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I am a simple person and lead a simple life. I aspire to “live and let live” and to “do unto others”. Ruiz reminds me in just four short statements how I can lead such a purposeful life in the most thoughtful and inspirational way. I have found that even in my most painful and difficult times, if I adhere to the agreements, peace will be restored. All I need to do is: be impeccable with my word, not take anything personally, never make assumptions, and always do my best. Following these guidelines is not always easy, but it is sound advice and guides me through any challenge that comes my way.

So, here is my gift to you, my reader for those moments when you need strength and inspiration.

Whether you are facing a trial or loss or looking to enhance a life that feels essentially content, consider the messages in my two favorite books. Take what is offered and improve and enhance your outlook. We can all benefit by a bit of inspiration and a reminder of the goodness that is in us all.

And as always, please share  your own personal favorite books of strength and inspiration.