Light Bulb Moments

Have you ever experienced one of those light bulb moments? You know the kind I’m talking about. The moments that jolt you to awareness. The moments that find us whether we are busy or idle, dozing or awake. The moments that feel as if we are being shaken to an awareness of a deep and profound truth. A moment where we suddenly and clearly grasp awareness and understanding that until that light bulb moment occurred was somehow just beyond our reach.

I recently experienced a light bulb moment that startled me with its clarity and resonated through my entire being. I had been working to regain balance in my life as I continued my journey down the path toward publication. I was working hard to grasp all the nuance and necessary skills required to reach the finish line. I began to feel overwhelmed and concerned that I might be unable to continue to meet the demands. They continually reappeared before me on my ever lengthening “to do” list in the final weeks before publication. I found myself once again unable to eat and receiving very little sleep. I felt certain I could not make it to the end of my journey.

When the Advanced Reader Copies of the book arrived, I once again felt bolstered, driven, and re-energized. I reviewed my “to do” list feeling capable and smug. I posted my videos, shared my updates, and expressed my gratitude to all who had provided support. I dug in for the final important round of connectivity, visibility, and marketing. I felt confident my team and I were prepared to accomplish everything that awaited in this final stretch. I felt certain I was within reach of accomplishing my goals and re-establishing that often elusive life balance.

I found myself collapsing before ten one evening – not at all uncommon – and immediately falling into a deep and much needed sleep. I was awake again at midnight, and my “to do” list seemed to materialize before my eyes. I scribbled thoughts and ideas on the pad I kept in bed beside me. I was determined to return to sleep. I soon realized sleep was hopeless and would continue to elude me while these ideas floated through my mind. I got out of the bed, climbed the stairs to my office, and turned on my phone and computer.

Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail notifications were eagerly addressed. Responses were quickly and surprisingly returned by other insomniac authors. I revised an essay, paid a bill and wrote a thank you note. I organized the stacks of pending items needing further attention. I was content with what I had accomplished and ready for more much needed sleep. I powered down the electronics, turned off the lights, and padded back downstairs to bed.

I returned to my bedroom. I plumped the pillows, settled under the comforter, and began to drift back to sleep.


My eyes flew open and I found myself smiling in the night. I was filled with joy and gratitude for the life I was living and the adventure that was unfolding. I was alive and enjoying every moment! I still had much to do and to learn, but I was overjoyed by the progress I had made. My network was growing, my knowledge expanding, and my comfort increasing. I realized I was excited by the anticipation and challenge of all that lay ahead.

My smile remained as a sense of total contentment and peace washed over me. My light bulb moment had reminded me of all the good fortune and “slender thread” moments that had found me since I had put my story into words and shared it with others. It engulfed me in a sense of peace, contentment and gratitude. The feeling remained not only through the remaining peaceful night, but through interviews, launch, and publication.

Gratitude for the life we have. A sense of empowerment that we have all we need to accomplish our goals. Perhaps that is the sole purpose of light bulb moments. They appear not only during the season of bounty and Thanksgiving, but throughout the year. Do you agree? Have you experienced such moments? Please share.