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December is upon us and gift giving season has arrived. I feel that I have a responsibility to offer expert advice on thoughtful gifts for the authors in your lives with my first book, Two Minus One: A Memoir having released less than a month ago. I have given the list much thought to provide a variety of ideas as well as carefully considered options for the thoughtful gift giver to deliver which will be both treasured and appreciated by the recipient.

Before I begin, I offer one caveat. The list assumes that the author you are hoping to impress has an up-to-date computer, laptop, and/or tablet and at least an elementary understanding of the current Office program. If that is not the case in your situation and it is within your capabilities to provide the machine and the Office for Dummies book (see included picture), consider endowing them with those necessities. An additional qualification is that your author has a suitable desk, comfortable chair, and a quality desk light. Authors are at their best when they have the proper work environment, so again, if these items are missing and you are able and willing, consider those items to top your gift giving list.
If your recipient has all these basics, your job will be far less demanding and costly as you can provide other “essentials” that will always be needed and appreciated. And don’t we all strive in our gift giving to offer gifts that are needed and will be appreciated?

A lumbar cushion is a must addition for that cozy desk chair. Hours and hours will be spent seated there in either a flurry of productive writing of the haze of the infamous “writer’s block.” A generously sized wastebasket and/or recycling bin will be a welcome addition. Many pages will find themselves crumpled and will require disposal.

Along those same lines, paper is always needed. Journals, tablets, note pads, post it notes, and reams of blank copy paper will be required for producing the next best seller. Even if your author works mostly electronically, the items are needed for random notations away from home or in the middle of the night. If your author prefers to select such items for themselves, gift cards to office supply or stationary stores will be a welcome alternative. For the author that does produce mostly by computer-as well as for more traditional authors who use pen and pad, ink jets can be provided. And please, do not forget ink pens; basic black as well as an array of colors for editing, revising, and rewriting will be needed. My personal favorites for gift giving are Ink Joy by Paper Mate.

Authors enjoy an aesthetic work space. As I mentioned earlier, many hours will be spent there. Items such as scented candles, favorite chocolates, and an appropriate Itty-Bitty character from your local Hallmark store –the one given to me was Wonder Woman– will help eliminate the stress that will be accrued during each writing session. They will be especially appreciated when deadlines approach or rewrites are demanded.

Finally, there are some basic books that should be in every author’s library and these are pictured. Of course, along with books go book marks, so you won’t go wrong there. You might, as I did, have a local artisan craft a unique design that represents the cover or them of your author’s book. That will add a personal and surprise touch to your gift giving.

I’m confident that you are making additions to your list even as you read these words. I hope I provided inspiration as well as motivation and that you are eagerly anticipating holiday gift giving for the favorite author on your list. Enjoy the trip, the holidays, and the look on your favorite author’s face when she opens your thoughtful gifts. And please, send me any further ideas you have so I can drop a few hints to the holiday shoppers looking for gift ideas for yours truly!

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