Love Songs

It is February once again! The month for valentines, roses, chocolates and love songs. The idea of love songs conjures images of hopelessly romantic couples gazing longingly at one another as they sip champagne while toasting their good fortune. But what if you are not in a romantic relationship during this month of romance and love songs? You needn’t feel left on the sidelines without it. There are many types of loving relationships.

Do you remember the show “Murphy Brown?” The series sticks in my mind for its writing and timely social commentary. I would watch it on Monday nights just before my weekly phone call with Robbie. I had just moved to Virginia from California with my girls. Yet there is another reason it remains in my mind. It was the first time that I realized that “love songs” were about far more than the relationship between men and women.

Remember when Murphy Brown gave birth to her out of wedlock child?  It was scandalous at the time and denounced by fundamentalist vice president Dan Quayle. Can you recall Aretha Franklin’s voice singing in the background as Murphy held her newborn son, Avery? The lyrics proclaimed, “You make me feel like a natural woman.”

Like a lightning bolt had struck, I identified with the emotion and the message. I had just left a twenty year marriage with two school-aged daughters in tow. Instantly, I realized that there is no other love connection that is ever as strong and enduring as the connection between parent – especially a mother – and child.

Songs like My Girl and You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, took on a new meaning. I thought not of lovers singing to one another about the romance they had discovered. I thought about parents realizing the gift and connection of unconditional love that transcends time. A love that lasts a lifetime. The minute we hold that special someone in our arms for the first time, we give our hearts to that tiny being. Even before we have had a chance to know our child, we know that we will make any sacrifice required to ensure their safety, happiness, and well being. That is love!

And what about songs like The Wind Beneath My Wings, Because You Loved Me, I Hope You Dance or You’ve Got a Friend? The songs that pay tribute to the strength and the lasting love and connection between friends? They certainly qualify as love songs, do they not?

Do you have a favorite love song? What comes to mind when you hear the words “love song”? A long forgotten first love? The special song that you share with a spouse that is “yours and yours alone”?  Perhaps you think of a child or a special friend. You see, “love songs” are not just for lovers. So, grab your chocolates, open your champagne, buy some roses. Play your favorite love songs and shower those that mean the most to you with time and attention in this month of valentines and love.