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A warm welcome to kathryntaylorbooks.com and a big thank you for stopping by…

As you may already know, the publication of Two Minus One: A Memoir resulted from a very personal and painful loss at a time when I was least expecting and ill-prepared to deal with anything like it.

Writing the book afforded me the necessary opportunity to work through my grief and pain and to make sense of a situation that I never expected. It allowed me to step back, process, and formulate a plan for how to move forward with my life.

As the story unfolded and the book progressed, it was becoming clear to me that I, too, was progressing. I found myself moving through the stages of grief and healing and growing into an unexpectedly strong, joyful, contented, and independent woman.

Backed by a solid and supportive network and realizing how much I had learned through this process, I am sincerely excited to share my insights with you, confident that you will also grow, learn, and feel supported after reading my book.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and personal feelings and appreciate your interest and support.

Kathryn Taylor

6 thoughts on “Welcome Friends!”

  1. Can’t wait for the book to be published. I’m ready for a good read!!

    1. Mary Jo,
      Thanks for your continued support! I will look forward to your review! It was quite a journey!

  2. As someone who experienced divorce, I can say it was a death that needed to be mourned and healed. Took a long, long time. But it was worth it. I’m celebrating 30 years with John, my wonderful husband. Thanks and bravo for your courage to write your story. I’m sure there are a lot of us who can identify.

    1. Irene,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement and congratulations on your success with John! I hope you enjoy the book and share it with your friends!

  3. Kathy–I look forward to reading your book. I am so happy that you found peace
    through all that you went through. Looking back at our time together, although short and interupted many times by “Mrs. Oakley can’t do this” and your response was always “Yes you can” and together we made sure those precious little faces COULD do it. I’m sure that is what this book reflects. Your sweet unexpecting face saying ‘but I can’t do this’, and your inner spirit said “YES YOU CAN”. good for you hon. You did it and with grace.

    Mary Kay

    1. Mary Kay,
      What a lovely comment and how dear you are in my heart! You hit the nail on the head EXACTLY! In fact, there’s a line in the book addressing just that!
      Thank you for your support, friendship, and love over many years!

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